LAVACOAT Insulated Eco-Coat

Appearance Grey Granulose Powder
Dry Density 333 ±10% (Kg/m3)
20.8 ± 10% ( Ib/Ft3)
Thermal Conductivity 0,060 - 0,070 W/mK T1
0,416 - 0,484 BTU-in/hr-ft2-°F
Thermal Resistance 0,4380 W/m2.K 
Sound Insulation 25 Db
Compressive strength CS II 1.84(N.mm2)
Bond Strength 0,42 (N/mm2)
Fire Strength A Class
Shelf Life 12 Months
Application Method Machine, Steel Trowel or Spray
Consumption 1 (cm/m2) aprox 5.5 kg
-0.39 in/ft2aprox. 12lb
Coverage Area 1.3 cm (1/2 inch) Applied Thick. Covers 3 m (28 - 32 sqft) aprox.
1.6 cm (5/8 inch) Applied Thick. Covers 2.5 m (26 - 30 sqft) aprox.
LAVACOAT Insulated Eco-Coat is an economic multipurpose product and only available in GREY color.

LAVACOAT Insulated Eco-Coat is an A1 / Class 1 fire and thermal resistant product that is designed to reduce waste in areas where stucco thickness has exceeded manufacturer recommendations due to the need to provide surface levelling of structures. It is also designed to be used on surfaces that require a non-flammable coating such as electric switchboards, cables, etc. as it presences heat, and provides a sound and fire insulation barrier. LAVACOAT Insulated Eco-Coat does NOT have any water resistant characteristics. *NOTE: Cannot be applied directly onto Metal, Wood, Concrete or Drywall, without using LAVACOAT Metal / Wood / Concrete / Drywall Primer.

Pour each bag of LAVACOAT Insulated Eco-Coat into a clean vessel or commercial grade concrete/stucco/plaster mixer. (Water requirements may vary depending upon the type of mixing equipment used).
  • Mixing using a HAND-HELD mixer; Use between MIN. 15 - MAX. 17 Liters {MIN 4 - MAX 4.5 Gallons) of water, and mix for 6-7 minutes at low or medium speed.
  • Mixing using a COMMERCIAL GRADE CONCRETE, STUCCO, PLASTER mixer; Use between MIN. 16 - MAX. 18 Liters (MIN 4.25 - MAX 4.75 Gallons) of water, and mix for 6-7 minutes at regular mixer speed.
  • It is recommended that the mixture should be left to stand for 2 - 3 minutes after mixing.
  • The final consistency, after proper mixing, will result in the fully mixed product FALLING or DROPPING OFF THE TROWEL- SLOWLY.

    The surface of application area must be free from dust, dirt, oils, surface contaminants, etc. LAVACOAT Insulated Eco-Coat is primarily used as the rough or base coat for LAVACOAT Exterior or Interior Coatings. For the rough coat, it is recommended to use minimum 1.5cm(5/8inch) ,and left to dry for 6-12 hrs. For the top coat (if required), apply a thin layer of max. 0.5 cm (3/16 inch) of LAVACOAT Exterior or Interior Coating. All types of decorative surfaces can be achieved with appropriate tools (float, trowel, sponge, etc.) for the top coat. Leave to dry for 24-48 hrs. PLEASE WATCH VIDEOS ON TO FIND OUT MORE.


    • The content of a bag of LAVACOAT Insulated Eco-Coat MUST be used completely once the bag is opened.

    • The product must be mixed with a handheld or concrete mixer (for minimum 6 minutes) at LOW revolution.

    • If the mixture prepared (MAX. 1 hour) sits too long in the vessel and loses its consistency, you must NOT add water. Consistency can be renewed only by mixing with a low revolution mixer.

    • To apply LAVACOAT Insulated Exterior Coating over painted surfaces, mineral plaster and other coatings, purge the surface approximately at a rate of 70% by using paint remover chemicals, surface abrasion or other similar methods.

    • Can be painted after 48 hours using ONLY water based and/or Acrylic paints.

    • During the mixing process, the person mixing the LAVACOAT product must wear a pair of safety glasses or goggles and a mask for health and safety purposes. See MSDS for additional precautions.